Bringing Transportation into the 21st Century


One of the many challenges that humankind is facing today is environmentally conscious and convenient transportation. The Urban Sprawl of the last century combined with the draw of the automobile have left mankind in a precarious position. We need to update and upgrade our public transportation systems everywhere. According to, efforts to drive less are actually good for the economy. They looked at both efforts to improve mass transit to make it more efficient and making changes in land usage to reduce the need to drive and found that the economic benefits are substantial.

Phyto Kenitic Busses

Marc Grañén is the artist who came up with the Phyto Kinetic mobile gardens. He has conceived of a bus used for public transit with a lightweight green space on the roof.  He uses a lightweight hydroponic foam instead of heavy soil. Water to hydrate the gardens comes from air conditioner units. The benefits of having oxygen producing , CO2 consuming plants traveling around our cities could be huge to help to fight our air pollution issues.

The bus is still a concept vehicle for now, with 2 busses in use. Hopefully one day this solution to air pollution will be a reality.


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